2015-12-24 22:59:28

Wuhan University (WHU) is a comprehensive and key national university directly under the administration of the Ministry of Education. It is also one of the "211 Project" and "985 Project" universities with full support in the construction and development from the central and local government of China.

School of Printing and Packaging (SPP) is under the direct administration of WHU. It had started as the class of Printing Process since 1956. From 1983, Printing Engineering was established, and after 10 years, Packaging Engineering was set up in 1993. The first master degree award authority of Printing Engineering was obtained in 1995. It became one of the key subjects in the national “211 project” the next year. The school obtained the award authority of master degree of light industrial technology and engineering in 1999. Thereafter, the doctoral degree award authority of Image Transmission Engineering was obtained in 2005, the master degree award authority of Image Transmission Engineering and the master degree award authority of Packaging Environmental Engineering were gained in 2006. It was approved the doctoral degree award authority of Material Processing Engineering in 2010, as well as the first-level discipline of Light Technology and Engineering to award master degree, creating a relatively complete system of disciplines.

School of Printing and Packaging has a strong faculty, including 7 professors, 5 doctoral tutors, 10 part-time professors, 9 associated professors and senior experimentalists, and 16 lecturers and experimentalists. Professor Wan Xiaoxia, Deputy Director of Light Industry Professional Teaching Steering Committee of the Ministry of Education, was chosen as one of leading talents in the national press and publication industry.

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