Overview of International Cooperation
2015-12-24 23:37:38

School of Printing and Packaging always insists on the international and open teaching mode and is very active in international exchanges. Up to now, long-term cooperative links with universities and enterprises such as University of Leeds (UK), University of Wuppertal (Germany), Rochester Institute of Technology (USA), Chinese Culture University (Taiwan District of PRC), Hong Kong Design Institute, the Hong Kong Printers Association, Hong Kong Leo Paper Group, Hong Kong Star Light Group and NPES (USA) have already been developed. And these exchanges and cooperations contribute significantly to broadening students’ horizons and strengthening their creativity.

The School has some international joint programs and student exchange programs including the exchange education program with Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education, “3+1+1” undergraduate collaborative program and “1+1+1” graduate cooperative program with the University of Leeds, the master degree program for Printing and Media Master and “2+2” undergraduate joint program with University of Wuppertal. These programs aim to broaden students’ views and enhance their innovation capabilities.