On November 4th, Tang Tongxin, head of the college student entrepreneurship project team called Mobile Family Health Assistant, went to Jingmen TV Station for a
On the occasion of the 36 period of College Students' Quality Development Forum in our department, 2016 session of the Graduate Committee students interviewed
On September 9th, School of Printing and Packaging held a grand opening ceremony for 2015 freshmen at academic lecture hall on the third floor. Many leaders and
From June 29th to August 21st, 15 undergraduates majoring in printing and packaging engineering from the School of Printing and Packaging attended the Summer In
The grand and sacred graduation and degree awarding ceremony not only was a happy and unforgettable time for the graduates, but also marked that graduates made
On June 8th£¬Zhou Yezhong, the vice president of Wuhan University, pointed out in the opening speech of the 2015 Session of College Students’ Creative Gra
A few days ago, in the 9th “Challenge Cup” College Students’ Entrepreneurship Program Competition held in Huazhong University of Science and T
In the past few days, 2012-grade graduate student Liu Li from our department has published his research paper titled Anions-Mediated Synthesis of Monodisperse S
On May 24 -31, the fourth Printing Industry Vocational Skills Competition, also the 43rd "Print Media Technology" World Skills Competition, was held in Shanghai
On August 16, the results of the first National Esko Star of Packaging Design Contest (NESPDC) were announced in Shanghai. Designed by undergraduate students Ya
On March 5, China's First Amcor Innovation Packaging Contest came to an end in Shanghai. The students team organized by School of Printing and Packaging won th
“Li Gan Jian Ying Team” from our school is awarded the honorable title of the 2014 “Xiaoping Science and Technology Innovation Team”, wi
Recently, a postgraduate of the School of Printing and Packaging Wang Leiling won DAAD Scholarship which was awarded by the largest academic exchange institutio
On November 28, the eighth “Challenge Cup” China College Students’ Entrepreneurship Program Competition Final Contest came to an end in Shangh