Li Xiang, Student of School of Printing and Packaging, Ranks 8th in the Nationwide Tryouts of the 43
2014-06-06 23:53:10

On May 24 -31, the fourth Printing Industry Vocational Skills Competition, also the 43rd "Print Media Technology" World Skills Competition, was held in Shanghai Publishing and Printing College. Led by teacher Xu Hongping, four 2011-grade undergraduate students from our department, namely Li Xiang, Ma Yong, Zhang Yu, and Zhu Hong, on behalf of Hubei Province, took part in the competition. After a fierce rivalry, Li Xiang ranked among the national top ten and began to make preparations for the 43rd World Skills Competition, held in Sao Paulo, Brazil in 2015.

Since April 5th, 5 students from our department have been prepared for this race. These students were instructed by the leaders and three teachers, Xiu Hongping, Kong Lingwang, and Sun Hongguang from our department. With the meticulous guidance and help of these teachers, they made progress in printing skills by leaps and bounds within two months. During the preparation process, leaders from Human Resources and Social Security Department of Hubei Province as well as Printing Association of Hubei Province came here frequently to talk with leaders of our department about the preparation work, paying close attention to our students. Through trials in Hubei Province, four students were finally selected to form the provincial team and attended the competition in Shanghai.

Co-organized by Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security of the PRC, State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television of the PRC and Printing Technology Association of China, this competition has been the biggest contest so far. A total of 15 teams including119 players from across the country participated in this race. During the competition, leaders from Occupational Skill Testing Authority of Human Resources and Social Security Department of Hubei Province and Printing Association of Hubei Province went to Shanghai to encourage teachers and students from our department.

In the national trials of World Skill Competition, competitors were assessed from five aspects, which are printing, application of measuring instrument, formulation of duplex color ink, maintenance of printing equipment and application of printing simulation software. During the race, our students calmly showed their solid specialty foundation and proficient professional skills. At last, Li Xiang lived up to expectations, ranking eighth in the race and selected into the National Team.

Our remarkable achievements in this competition serve as an excellent demonstration of the overall strength of students in Hubei Province, an embodiment of the "Three Chuang" education philosophy of our school and a promotion of the reputation of our department in talents cultivation.

(Edited by Zhang Yu)