Time flies. Four years has passed since my graduation. And it is really a great honor for me to take this opportunity to share with you my life experience.I mys
On July 1st, 2009, with my luggage and my dream, I went to Guangzhou. And like all the freshmen, I started a new life with full hope.I have been to two universi
On December 18th, the 8th Lotus Scholar Award ceremony for excellent undergraduates was held in the Administrative Building of Wuhan University. The 2013 award
For students, study always comes first. If you are going to pursue a further education after graduation, you should lay a good foundation for the basic courses.
Students who graduated in 2009 are somehow unlucky. The Financial Crisis affected nearly the whole job market. Shanda Interactive Entertainment Limited develope
I came to Wuhan University in September 2006, and I can still remember that day as though it was yesterday.School of Printing and Packaging in WHU contributes a
On May 1st, alumni from class 87056 and 87057 reunited in the School of Printing and Packaging (SPP) to review the emotion between teachers and themselves as we
On the afternoon of November 17th, Elite Alumni Forum was held on the 30th Anniversary of School of Printing and Packaging. The alumni, along with retired and i
Recently, Wang Leiling, from School of Printing and Packaging£¬won DAAD Scholarship awarded by the global largest academic exchange institution DAAD. DAAD provi