Prof. Zhong Yining from Rochester Institute of Technology, America gives lectures in School of Printing and Packaging
2015-04-30 09:20:47


From April 3 to 24, American Prof. Zhong Yining made a special trip to Wuhan University to give lectures to undergraduates majoring in engineering on printing quality detection and control and printing standards and certification.

Printing quality detection and control is aimed at helping students to learn the quality detection and control techniques of printing images and printing standards and certification mainly introduces current printing standards and certification in the world.

Prof. Zhong Yining puts emphasis on guiding students to spontaneous study and active thinking. In the class, his humor and guidance greatly vivify the class atmosphere. After class, he answers students’ questions amiably and carefully. The 3-week course has benefit the students a lot.


In the afternoon of 23, the teachers of printing teaching research lab had a discussion with Prof. Zhong. He firstly praised on the cognitive competence and study attitude of our students, and then introduced the curricular reform of school of printing, Rochester Institute of Technology, America, and finally discussed with faculty of School of Printing and Packaging on the reform and development of printing engineering.

Prof. Zhong Yining is an American Chinese. He is the undergraduate of industrial technology, Eastern Washington University, America and is the postgraduate of Rochester Institute of Technology, America. He has been the professor of School of Printing, Rochester Institute of Technology, America and mainly works on teaching and scientific research on digital imaging and standardization. He is the convener of ISO TC130/WG13, international printing quality standardization, the expert on ISO TC130/WG2, WG3, and WG4, and the principal of American image art association, American image art technical standard committee and international image art education association.

(Edited by: Yu Ye)