Undergraduates of School of Printing and Packaging Win Grand Award in Amcor Innovation Packaging Contest 2013 in China
2013-03-11 01:30:20


On March 5, China's First Amcor Innovation Packaging Contest came to an end in Shanghai. The students team organized by School of Printing and Packaging won the grand award. Directed by Associate Professor Gao Zhiyong and captained by Zhao Junjie, an undergraduate in our school, this team includes Zhu Zhipeng and Yang Li, who are also undergraduate students from our school, as well as Mu Dan, an undergraduate from School of Urban Design.

This team creatively developed the “Vertical Pump Flexible Pouch Design”, combining the hard plastic bottles for bath foam with flexible pouch. By adding the design of the base under the pump head and utilizing mechanical pressing principle, the team successfully designed pressing flexible package which could replace hard plastic bottles. Ranking No.1 in the preliminary contest, this design stood out from the rest 425 works all over the country and then successfully entered the finals.

Among the nine teams entering the finals, the students team from our school showed unique design philosophy and rigorous market analysis in fluent English and by aesthetic samples. They won the only first prize in the contest. At the invitation of Amcor, these member students will visit its headquarters in Melbourne, Australia and acquire the company's overseas career growth opportunities after graduation.

With the advancement of science and technology and the improvement of living standards, packaging industry progresses rapidly with each passing day. As the world's largest supplier of flexible packaging, this is the first time that Amcor has held a packaging innovation design competition in China, aiming to inspire design afflatus and innovation sense of college students. Eight judges from packaging industry around the world believe that the work from School of Printing and Packaging has several shining points: simple innovative design, broad market prospects, good environmental performance and huge potential to significantly reduce production and transportation costs.

The fact that undergraduate students of School of Printing and Packaging won the first prize in this national contest is an embodiment of the education philosophy of Innovation, Creativity and Entrepreneurship. It is reported that students from our school have won awards in the “Challenge Cup” contest for three years in a row.


School of printing and packaging has always been encouraging multi-disciplinary communication in the process of talent cultivation. The innovation sense and creative ability of our students are heavily favored by employers, ensuring our top undergraduate employment rate in the whole school.

(Edited by:Yang Li)