The Research Results of Young Teacher Wu Wei Help the Innovation and Development of Hongdou Group
2015-11-06 15:14:32

Recently, according to the reports of website of the network of Chinese Garment Association, southern enterprises news , Hongdou Group and Vice Researcher Wu wei,the Luojia Young Scholar, cooperated to R & D the Shiny-Cool T-shirt, which become the biggest highlight of the in Jiangsu Industrial Design Week in Wuxi.

Shiny-Cool T-shirt utilizing the advanced printing electronic technology. Led system embedded in clothing material surface and T-shirt will shine if users press switch. According to reports, this smart wearable technology to achieve the direct printing production in the apparel fabric for the first time. Shiny-Cool T-shirt can be used as a variety of intelligent sensor system integration, and further enhance the scientific and technological innovation in smart clothing.

It is reported that the Hongdou Group is one of the 120 Deepening reform pilot enterprises authorized by State Council, and the vice chairman unit of National Federation of industry and Commerce. At present. The business of Hongdou Group develop from the initial knitted underwear to clothing, rubber tires, bio pharmaceutical, real estate. The total economic output is the fifty-seventh in Top 500 of China private enterprises.

Note: This paper is based on the related news reported on network of Chinese Garment Association, the southern enterprise news network, official website of Hongdou Group.