The 2015 Session of Graduation and Degree Awarding Ceremony
2015-07-13 16:49:54

印刷与包装系2015届全体毕业生合影留念2 (1).jpg

On the afternoon of June 18th, Department of Printing and Packaging held the 2015 annual graduation and degree awarding ceremony. Many leaders and teachers attended this ceremony, such as the leaders of the party committee, directors of the printing and packaging laboratory and relevant functional departments, especially the instructors and all 2015 graduates. The ceremony was presided over by the deputy secretary of the party committee Zhou Cuifang.

At the beginning of the ceremony, the secretary of the party committee Zuo Jun expressed a warm congratulation to the 2015 graduates, honored the parents who brought up the graduates, and extended sincere thanks to teachers who taught the graduates prudentially.

Data showed that graduation rates and employment rates of the 2015 undergraduate and graduate students of our department were in the leading position in Wuhan University. He hoped graduates to be ambitious, dedicated, down-to-earth, innovative, sincere and meticulous to expand the social reputation of Wuhan University and the industrial influence of our department. He said, no matter where the graduates are, the mother department will always pay attention to them and bless them.

Yang Jiayao, on behalf of the 2015 graduates, made a touched speech. She recalled her growth, achievements and thoughts in our department and thanked the teachers for their meticulous care and cultivation.

With the warm coronation march, 2015 session of master degree graduates and college graduates accepted “Dial Ear Ritual”. With the loud applause, teachers and students were all impressed by the bright smiling face.


(Edited by Gou Yijing)